352. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas John Lloyd Baker, 25 May 1821


352. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas John Lloyd Baker, 25 May 1821* 

Shefford May 25, 1821

Dear Sir

If my eyes will let me I will reply to your letter briefly, a letter which gave me pleasure and pain at the same moment. I am glad to hear of my old friends at any time, but I am sorry to hear of their coolling without sufficient information.—But who are those who have coold? Who withheld their accustom'd support &c &c—I have no accustom'd support but the Duke of Grafton's £15 per year, and the ten pounds per ann {for six years} procured by Mrs Andrews Sharp. All the rest has been casual as chance has directed it

When my subscription was going on many worthy hands assisted; the Earl of Lonsdale, Mr Rogers, Lord Holland, and people of the most opposite opinions.

In the year 1800, (one and twenty years ago) I found that I must unavoidably be brought before the public, raw and uncouth as I was, and I then made the resolution—that I never would in public writing or intimate correspondence enter into disputation or disquisition on the two grand subjects which keep the world in agitation, Religion and politics. I have kept my word or vow, and you will find that I can keep it.—

I have been surrounded by Catholics, Deists, Quakers, Unitarians, Methodists, Calvinists and all the rest, but I am here at last, and perhaps as good as half of them.

As to what you may have heard of me from this vile little town I can assure you that trade is so very bad, so very dull, that the people are obliged to seek new employment, or to improve the old ones, they therefore don't forget slander.—

I have been miserably ill, or unhealthy, during the last twelvemonths, and quite as bad in spirits.—I thank you for your £5 Note, and remain Dear Sir with love to all who have not been alienated by false reports, or even by fair ones, your very Humble Servt

Robt Bloomfield

Address: T. J. L. Baker Esq. / Revd Mr Ross's, / Mauldon, nr Ampthill, / Beds.

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