356. Robert Bloomfield to Charlotte Bloomfield, 8 October 1821


356. Robert Bloomfield to Charlotte Bloomfield, 8 October 1821* 

Shefford. Octo. 8 1821

My Dear Shot,

I will write to you at all events, though I feel the task of writing a harder one than you seem to comprehend. I am better than I have been, or I should not now be writing at all. We have trod into rags the old carpet which you remember, and I have been forc'd sadly against my will, to buy another and not meeting with an old one, I have purchased one above our rank and deserts, and I expect the sight of it will give me the gripe all the winter. To get this famous carpet I went to Bedford and took Charles and Rob and slept there. Bedford is a very good Town and has a river and bridge which any town in england might be proud of.—We have just gatherd a bushel and half of Burgamo pears, (just half the crop of last year) but they wont keep.—Our fair comes on thursday, I wish it was over. Charles and I went to peppercorns Harvest home which I fear will be his last here, as he has warning to quit his farm!! Thus nearly all my friends have warning from Death, or the landlord or the lawyer.—The London designer, Engravers &c keep my work back so that I know little more about it than you know yourself. It will make a figure when it comes out, if I live to see it, and I am determined to live if I can. [1] 

Take particular Note—

It is my particular wish and desire that you will not by any bodys persuasion or any bodys leading hold any kind of acquaintance or intercourse with the family at Rotherhithe. What harm they might do you I cannot say, but I very well know they would do you no good.—Take care of yourself dear girl, and believe me that I am almost too tired to say God bless you.

Yours ever affectionately

Old Dad, Robt Bloomfield

* BL Add. MS 28268, ff. 424–25 BACK

[1] The new work was May Day with the Muses, published the following year. BACK