360a. George Bloomfield to James Burrell Faux, 18 May 1822


360a. George Bloomfield to James Burrell Faux, 18 May 1822* 

To J Burrall Faux Esq


Mr Dutton  [1]  has great hopes that by his recommendation and an advertizement he intends, that the Gentlemen of Suffolk will further the Sale  [2]  &c

I took 500 and have kept 10 for the few friends I have, they are beautifully executed, and my heart is truly Greatfull to all my Benevolent friends, and particularly to you Sir  [3] 

If they Eventually bring me a few Shillings to Comfort and Cheer Me at this Last downhill of Life, I shall rejoice I inclose some Lines written a year ago, if they have no other Merit they certainly are expressive of my real Oppinion on a Subject that puzzles the wisest of us all, and if I am wrong I think it is on the right Side  [4]  May providence have you and yours in keeping, and all those who Love their fellow Men is the unfeigned

Wish and prayer of

Your Humble Servant George Bloomfield

Bury St Edmds May 18th 1822

Address: J B Faux Esqr/


[1] T. D. Dutton, a printer and bookseller of Bury. BACK

[2] George refers to his 1822 poem Friendly Hints Affectionately Addressed, by an Old Man to the Labouring Poor of Suffolk and Norfolk printed gratis for his benefit by T. D. Dutton, Printer and Bookseller, Bury. See Letter 423: George had been encouraged to write the poem by Thetford landowner John Wright of Kilverston Hall. BACK

[3] For Faux’s services to Bloomfield, see Letter 412. BACK

[4] The editors have been unable to identify these verses. BACK