365. Robert Bloomfield to John May, 4 December 1822


365. Robert Bloomfield to John May, 4 December 1822* 

Shefford, Decm. 4th. 1822

To Mr May.


Your messenger has just brought me the promised copy of my stray production relating to [hole in MS] Eolian Harp, [1]  I think I shall certainly reprint it, but whether such a thing is worthy of a subscription I doubt much, but at all events you shall have a new copy in exchange; but you must have patience, a printers, or authors patience; and that is saying a great deal. I thank you sir, for this mark of attention,

And am Sir

Your Obed Sert

Robt Bloomfield

Address: Mr May. / Ampthill.

* Cambridge University Library, Add. MS 8812/40 BACK

[1] Nature's Music. Consisting of Extracts from Several Authors with Practical Observations and Poetical Testimonies in Honour of the Harp of Aeolus (London, 1808). BACK