371. John Wayman to Robert Bloomfield, 23 May 1823


371. John Wayman to Robert Bloomfield, 23 May 1823* 

Dear Sir,

You have every reason to make complaint. It is more than 3 months since I proved to Mr Golding that, even according to his own counsels opn all doubt was removed upon the point wch he raised about the discharge of the Mortge, & I have never heard from him since.

I have now written to him threatening [to] proceed at my own expence to compel a settemt if the purchase be not immedy compleated & wod have done so before, feeling as I do, the cruelty of the case, but unfortunately our only remedy is in filing a Bill in Chancery which as you may have heard is a hopeless resort for avoiding delay.

As to the rents I know nothg havg had no concern with them, & supposing, as a matter of course that those who had taken the rents for you wod continue to do so until they had proper directions not to do so—According to the condns of sale the purche was to be let into the possession or rather the rest of the rents only upon payment of the residue of his purchase money & therefore it never enter'd my imaginatn that the purchr wod be takg them until he had performed his contract nor have the tenants been justified in payg them to him.

If I had your poetical talent I wod have shamed the parties concerned out of their quibbling before this & they richly deserve to be handed down to remembrance, You may well say you shd have supposed it had been the Title to a great Estate that was in discussion & not a few cotts—I am disgusted beyond measure at the unnecessary & ill-placed obstacles thrown in the way but it has not been in my power to do more than has been done. I have prayd and threatd & if it cannot be compleated witht I will myself fight for you.

Bury—May 23/23

I am &c


* Liverpool, Hornby Library, Hornby Autograph Letter Collection BACK