371a. Robert Bloomfield to A. A. Watts, 2 July 1823


371a. Robert Bloomfield to A. A. Watts, 2 July 1823* 

To Mr A. A. Watts

Shefford. Beds. July 2. 1823

Dear Sir

I receivd last night by Coach from Baldwin & Co. a parcel containing your letter dated 25th of February last, and you must have deemed my silence at least very strange and very reprehensible, I beg to assure you that I feel hurt at this long delay, which <makes> me appear like any thing but honourable or civil. The letter itself, and the kindness <wishes> express’d in it are not of a nature for me to have slighted for an instant, and I therefore write now by the first post, to thank you for thus thinking of <a> man so buried and so obscure as myself.

If the work is not too far advanced I will endeavour to give you a little <further> information about myself, if you still think it worth receiving, but I am too unwell to be prolix. A few words of reply from you may state whether I am too late, and how far this may be accepted as an apology far for what is past.

I am, Sir, your most Obed. Servant

Rob Bloomfield.

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