373. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, accompanying accounts in Letter 374, 1 October 1823


373. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, accompanying accounts in Letter 374, 1 October 1823* 

London Oct 1. 1823


We are sorry at having kept you in suspense respecting the account; but we waited for the printers acct of Hazlewood Hall, which we have not yet received; but whatever its amount may be is of little consequence.

By the annexed statement you will see that besides 750 copies of Hazlewood Hall, you have other books on hand to the value, estimated at the regular price, of £734.7.6 against which we have a demand for £369.18.5. The sale of Hazlewood Hall is very uncertain—therefore we don't at present estimate it at any thing. We conceive therefore that in taking an estimate of the whole value of the property—viz the books on hand, at what they would produce at a trade sale, and the copyrights of which half of the whole were your fathers, the highest estimate that could be put on the whole would be £600; but perhaps even £500 would be enough for the purposes of the Probate.

A new edition of the Banks of Wye is in forwardness, from which some advantage is to be expected. Under the original agreement your father was not entitled to any advantage from this until another 1000 copies should be sold; but it has been recently agreed with the proprietors that he should immediately have his half, as of the other works, on his admitting them to half of the subsequent term of copyright. You are doubtless aware that Mr Bloomfield gave up to us, for a certain consideration, one fourth share of the 'mayday', and that afterward he sold us for £100 another fourth and half of Hazelwood Hall; thus retaining, under the several arrangements, just half of every thing. His death unfortunately diminishes the value of all the copyrights; because of the three first, the term of 28 years will soon be expired—and as these are the best books, they are very likely to be assailed by piratical editions—We shall be happy to add to this statement any further explanations you may require—and remain Madam

Your obed servs

Baldwin Cradock & Sons

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