375. Hannah Bloomfield to Joseph Weston, 6 January 1824


375. Hannah Bloomfield to Joseph Weston, 6 January 1824* 

Shefford, Jan. 6, 1824

Dear Sir,

If you are still not at Windsor, I am doubtful whether this may reach you, otherwise I should trouble you with a much longer letter; and, if I had not since my reply to Miss Weston, been misled by a report, that you were coming to spend Christmas with your friends, I should have written again, while I might have been sure of finding you at Windsor. Having obtained your address, my purpose in writing now, is, to request a reply to this, and (if you have leisure) attention to what I mean to say immediately on receiving your reply. It will be, as you already suppose, all about matters which concern ourselves, on which I feel your opinion will be valuable. I will not apologize to you for the trouble I give, because I believe your friendship for my father will make you think lightly of that, and because I trust you will believe, that I would try to avoid giving more than was necessary. With my love to Miss Weston, and best wishes for the happiness of both,

I remain yours,

Hannah Bloomfield

Address: To Mr Weston, / Windsor.

* Remains, II, p. 176 BACK