376. Joseph Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 15 January 1824


376. Joseph Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 15 January 1824* 

Windsor, Jan. 15. 1824

Dear Miss Bloomfield

I am extremely sorry you did not let me know your wishes, when you wrote last, as I was then fully prepared for a journey to Shefford; and it would have given me great pleasure to assist you, as far as lay in my power: but having concluded from your last letter that you did not need my assistance, I have made arrangements for going immediately down to the southern coast, and proceeding by the western into Scotland; which arrangements, I cannot alter, without more inconvenience to myself, than any counsel I could give, is likely to be serviceable to you. If, however, the matters to which you allude, can be safely trusted in a letter, either now or henceforth, they will at all times have my best and most serious attention.

If you think it useful to write to me, within a fortnight from the present date, direct to me at the post-office, Portsmouth. Wishing you health and happiness, I remain

Your humble servant,

Joseph Weston.

Address: To Miss Bloomfield, / Shefford.

* Remains, II, p. 177. BACK