377. Sarah Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 23 February 1824


377. Sarah Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 23 February 1824* 

New Inn, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Feb 23, 1824

My Dear Miss Bloomfield.

Before I begin to gossip, allow me to discharge a commission of my brother's. He desires me to inform you that he has received no letter from you since the one dated January 6th, addressed to him at Windsor; that it is his intention to be in London about the end of March, and if he can render you any service in London, or at Shefford, he will be very happy to do so. If you think he can assist you in any way, it will be necessary for you to write immediately, as we leave this place the beginning of next week. In the mean time, he hopes you will forward the business as much as lies in your power, should it be of a nature to admit of preparation.

Yours truly,

Sarah Weston.

Address: To Miss Bloomfield, / Shefford.

* Remains, II, p. 178 BACK