379. Sarah Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 19 March 1824


379. Sarah Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 19 March 1824* 

West Cowes, March 10, 1824.

My Dear Miss Bloomfield

I received your letter in answer to mine yesterday the 9th inst. It gave me great pleasure to hear of your own health, and that of the rest of the family. I sincerely hope that the clouds which have so long hung over you will shortly clear away, and open brighter prospects on you all. You will excuse me.—I am still a woman of business, and must despatch what I am charged with first, that the useful part of my letter may be ready for post, happen what may. If, after that, I have time to gossip with you, even on paper, it will be a renewal of my enjoyments: but I hope, ere long, we shall be tête-à-tête, My brother requests me to assure you, that he was not at all offended that you did not follow his counsel; though he still thinks it is to be regretted that you did not, for he is persuaded that on many accounts the creditors would have agreed to an arrangement, which might have saved the half-copyrights; an object highly desirable for the family. He says that if you can conveniently remain in London till the 6th or 8th of April, he will see you there, and meet Mr. B——— , [1]  if you think it useful to do so. If this arrangement meets your approbation, he wishes you to bring to town, all his letters to you, on the present subject, as they contain particulars which have escaped his memory, and which would be useful to refer to. He also wishes you to write to Mr. Bristow, Park-street, Windsor, and say to him what you will do, and when you will be in town, and whether you can remain there till the time proposed, and whether Mr. B——— is a London gentleman, and easily met with. My brother is in constant correspondence with Mr. Bristow, and he will forward the contents of your letter to us. We shall now change our abode so often, that it would be a restraint on our movements to direct you to write to us.

believe me to remain yours sincerely,

Sarah Weston.

* Remains, II, pp. 181–82 BACK

[1] Probably Mr Beneson (see Letter 402). BACK