383. Joseph Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 18 April 1824


383. Joseph Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 18 April 1824* 

Windsor, April 18, 1824.

Dear Miss Bloomfield

I write in reply to yours of yesterday, rather prematurely, for the purpose of informing you that I have not yet heard from Mr. Baldwin, and that I think you would do well to call on him; and either press him to write to me, or else to inform you whether he is willing to accommodate the family, in the way I proposed, or not. It really appears to me, the only way in which any friend can render you essential service; but of course the co-operation of Messrs. Baldwin and Co. is necessary. If that can be obtained, I shall feel happy to do the best I can: I only wish to bring the matter to as early an issue as possible. In the mean time, I am glad you have sent me the Bookseller's account. On careful examination, it seems to me that Mr. Baldwin on one side, and your friend Mr. B. [1]  on the other, have erred in nearly equal degrees.

With respect to the cottage, it is impossible to form an opinion without more information than is contained in the letters. If the title is imperfect, the purchaser will of course delay; and if urged to give up the purchase, will also, of course, require full indemnity for all the expenses he has incurred. Above all things avoid going to law. It will in my opinion be better to leave it to the decision of your creditors, or to the operation of time.

As to the memoir, I feel flattered by the opinion you express; but I really fear the latter events of Mr. Bloomfield's life are not of a nature to interest the public sufficiently to answer publication. However, I have no objection to examine your documents, and say what I think on the subject; and then we can talk it over. I wish you to examine the credit side of the account I have sent, carefully, so as to be satisfied that every thing is accounted for, and that I myself have committed no mistakes.

Yours, &c.

Joseph Weston.

I will return the documents after more examination.

* Remains, II, pp. 187–89. BACK

[1] Probably Mr Beneson (see Letters 379 and 402). BACK