384. Robert Baldwin to Joseph Weston, 20 April 1824


384. Robert Baldwin to Joseph Weston, 20 April 1824* 

London, April 20, 1824


I am sorry that overwhelming calls upon my time have prevented me from earlier replying to your letter, which, however, was left here only a few days ago ...

In January last we paid Mrs. Bloomfield fifty pounds on account, though the balance due to us is not even yet liquidated by the sale; and consequently nothing more can be expected during the present year. I should be very sorry that any sacrifice were made of the existing property for the sake of raising a given sum for the creditors; and by law, the creditors have no demand on the estate, till a year has expired after the decease of the author. Even when that time should arrive, they would not be able very well to avail themselves of it; because until our debt is fully liquidated, we could withhold it from them. Under these circumstances I should think they would readily accept of a reasonable composition; and we would gladly promote such a result, by at once giving our promissory note at twelve months for one hundred pounds on the credit of the returns forthcoming. If you can persuade them to this, no sacrifice would be made; but the family must be prepared to wait a considerable time before any thing more would accrue to them.

I remain, Sir,

Yours, &c.

Robert Baldwin

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