385. Hannah Bloomfield, to Thomas John Lloyd Baker, 28 April 1824


385. Hannah Bloomfield, to Thomas John Lloyd Baker, 28 April 1824* 

Shefford April 28th 1824


The long and expensive illness which terminated the life of my dear father on the 19th of August 1823 has involved our family in affliction and distress. To satisfy the claims of our creditors we have been under the necessity of anticipating the little income from the sale of my fathers works for two years to come and have no means of subsistence during that period but what may arise from our furniture and other effects which are intended to be offered for sale on Friday the 28th of May next, including the original manuscripts of my fathers works in his own handwriting with the books and other presents which have been given to my father by persons of eminence. A friend who has interested himself in our concerns hopes that these things deriving some value in the public estimation from having belonged to my father may produce something worth our notice. It is the intention of our Booksellers to publish a new Edition of my fathers works in a few months including a memoir of the latter part of his life,—the most interesting parts of his correspondence and a few poetical fragments not yet published. My mother and family would esteem it a great kindness if you would return such of my father's letters to the late Mrs Baker and yourself, as you think worth publication, and would grant permission to publish such parts only of your letters addressed to my father as may serve to illustrate or explain any part of his writings.

As I do not know where to address Mr Bransby Cooper, perhaps Sir you would be kind enough to request for us, that he would grant the same favour which I have ask'd of you, if he should happen to possess any of my fathers letters.

I am Sir your Obedient servant

Hannah Bloomfield

Address: L. Baker Esq, / Hardwick Court, / Gloucester, / April 28th

* Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, MA 4500 BACK