39. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 8 October 1800


39. Robert Bloomfield to Thomas Park, 8 October 1800* 

Oct. 8th 1800


I venture to send the enclosed scrap for your Daughters, in defiance of your criticism. I know you are able to shew me its faults. Some of them I think I can see allready, and if I do not make haste and send it now, perhaps I might burn it to morrow 'and suppose you did,'? says prudence; prudence may say what she thinks fit just now, I am not prepared to answer her. I can only give my sincere Respects to Mrs Park, and beg forgiveness of you Sir, and the young Ladies.

Your most Obedient Servant

Robert Bloomfield

A Word

To Two Young Ladies.

C––– and F––– P–––

When tender Rose-trees first receive
On half-expanded leaves, the shower;
Hope's gayest pictures we believe,
And anxious watch each coming flower.

When, if beneath the genial sun
That spreads abroad the full-blown May,
Two infant stems the rest outrun,
Their buds the first that meet the day,

With joy their only tints we view,
While morning's precious moments fly!
My pretty Maids, tis thus with you;
The fond admiring gazer I.

Preserve sweet buds, where'er you be,
The richest gem that decks a Wife;
The charm of female modesty;
And let sweet Music give it life.

Still may the favouring Muse be found,
Still circumspect the paths ye tread;
Plant moral truths in Fancy's ground,
And meet old age without a dread.

But ere that comes; while yet ye quaff
The cup of Health without a pain;
I'll shake my grey hairs when you laugh,
And when you sing be young again.

Oct. 8th 1800

Rob Bloomfield

Address: Mr Park / No 28 High Street / Mary-le-bone

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