394. Thomas Inskip to Joseph Weston, 25 June 1824


394. Thomas Inskip to Joseph Weston, 25 June 1824* 

Shefford, June 25, 1824

Dear Sir,

On taxing my recollection respecting the editor of the Monthly Magazine, I have no reason to believe that Mr. Bloomfield was ever personally known to him, because in my long acquaintance with Mr. Bloomfield, and my frequent conversations on the fortunes of the Farmer's Boy, I must have been informed of it; moreover, I recollect well talking to Mr. B. on the merits of the Monthly Magazine, which he always highly extolled, and lamented that his poverty would not allow him to spare half-a-crown a month to take it in, and learn thereby how the literary world was going on. This does not in the least savour of a hostile feeling on the part of Bloomfield.

Believe me, truly yours

T. I.

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