395. George Bloomfield to Joseph Weston, 26 June 1824


395. George Bloomfield to Joseph Weston, 26 June 1824* 


Bury St. Edmunds, June 26, 1824


I thank you for the kind letter I received, dated the 20th. When I wrote to you last, I feared lest I should tire you with my prolixity, yet I left much unsaid that I think I had a right to state, as my dear brother's character is now to be brought forward before the dread tribunal of his fellow mortals.

I confined myself in my last to observations which appeared in the article in the Monthly Magazine, for September, 1823; and I wish farther to observe, that whoever reads it would be led to think my brother was a boorish, headstrong fellow—whereas those who knew him in his youth can witness to his modest unassuming manners; and I solemnly declare, as I hope for mercy at the great day, I never heard of the tale about 'sticking to his last' till I read it in the Monthly Magazine. In the days—the happy days that Robert and I spent in free converse, it is impossible for him not, at some time, to have mentioned it.

Yours, &c.

G. Bloomfield

Address: Mr. Weston, / London

* Remains, II, pp. 204–5 BACK