396. 'A Lady' to Hannah Bloomfield, 28 June 1824


396. 'A Lady' to Hannah Bloomfield, 28 June 1824* 

June 28, 1824

My Dear Miss Bloomfield,

I am almost sorry to hear of your intending to publish his (Mr. B's) remains in poetry and prose so soon. I hope you will consult some of your father's most judicious and experienced friends, before you take so important a step. Allow me to suggest, that all the benefit that can be derived from your father's talents and fame, is now at stake; and that the means in your hands should be carefully used, lest, by grasping at too much, all should be lost!—or at least, much be risked, which by a little caution and patience might be rendered more productive. Permit me to call to your mind that some liberal and handsome gifts have recently been made at your sale—that papers are now before the public for raising a subscription for your family:—and if, at the same time, you publish the 'Remains' (whether by subscription or not, I cannot tell; but it comes to the same thing), and hold out an expectation that the life of your father and his correspondence is to follow, I fear you may alarm the public, and prevent even your well-wishers from coming forward in the way they might do, if fewer claims were made, and things allowed to succeed each other at intervals. People may part with their money gradually, little by little; but when various proposals are made at the same time, it distracts the mind, and if all cannot be complied with, (which is hardly to be expected), a doubt may arise which way to give aid, and perhaps at last nothing be done. Forgive my plainness, and place it to the score of friendship, where indeed it deserves to be.

Your sincere friend.

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