398. Thomas Moore to Hannah Bloomfield, 3 October 1824


398. Thomas Moore to Hannah Bloomfield, 3 October 1824* 

Shepperton Cottage, Hayes

October 3rd. 1824

Dear Madam

When W. Rogers was down in this neighbourhood he kindly undertook to transmit a letter of thanks to you from me, for the very great favour you conferred upon me in sending me your brother's Poems—but, by some mistake, he left without taking the letter with him, and I have since deferred my acknowledgements till I am heartily ashamed of myself—not having your address, I shall take my chance of this letter reaching you through the publisher of the Poems, and trust you will believe, notwithstanding my long silence, that I have duly felt the distinction with which you honoured me, and that I am, dear Madam,

Your obliged & faithful servant

Thomas Moore

This was written to me, eldest Daughter, not Sister, of Robt Bloomfield, Hannah Bloomfield, October 1824. [1] 

* BL Add. MS 30809, f. 65 BACK

[1] This statement is in Hannah Bloomfield's hand. BACK