403. Baldwin, Cradock & Joy to Joseph Weston, 12 April 1825


403. Baldwin, Cradock & Joy to Joseph Weston, 12 April 1825* 

April 12th 1825

Dear Sir

We have made a calculation of the value of the property in the poems of Bloomfield, and the utmost we can affix to it is £350 exclusive of the balance due to us in the account, that is, we would give three hundred and fifty pounds, and take the whole as it stands.

Mr Baldwins calculation of the value at the time of Mr Bloomfields death was five hundred pounds, and the very slow sale which the works have had since that time, has render'd the present value considerably less. We have already paid £150, and would be willing to take all interest in the concern at £350 in order to bear out our original calculation. But we are not at all desirous of taking it at this and could on no account exceed it.

We would either take the Remains as they stand whether the result might be profit or loss or if the family will pay the balance on the paper, print and advertising account, we would continue to sell the books for them as their agent.

We remain dear sir your faithful and obdt servt

Baldwin Cradock & Joy.

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