404. Joseph Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 13 April 1825


404. Joseph Weston to Hannah Bloomfield, 13 April 1825* 

April 13th 1825

Dear Miss B—

You will see by the enclosed proposal received from Mr Baldwin this morning that he now offers you £350 for Book-stock & copyright exclusive of the 'Remains'—If to this sum you add £150 which you have drawn since the last estimate was made it will make the amount £500 being precisely the same value as Mr Baldwin estimated the property to be worth at that time therefore if you wish to sell this property, you will have lost nothing by delay though the duration of the copyright on the first parts of the property has diminished considerably.

With respect to the 'Remains' he is willing to take them off your hands at the price he will have to pay for paper, printing and advertising (so that the hundred copies of the 'Remains' which you have had to distribute among the subscribers will stand against the expences which have been paid by the family) or—to sell them on your account according to the present arrangement. In the latter case you will have to reimburse the expences he has paid over and above the profits which have arisen on the copies already sold. I suppose this sum will exceed £100. There are about 1300 copies in stock.

Yours truly

Jos Weston

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