406. Thomas Park to Joseph Weston, 23-25 April 1825


406. Thomas Park to Joseph Weston, 23–25 April 1825* 

Hampstead, Apr 23/25

Dear Sir

Your application is made to me, in the kind hope that I am enjoying good health. This I am sorry to say, is far from being the case. I have not been quite well for more than a month past, & I rather apprehend that my constitution is giving way—the way of all flesh. But all this I conjecture only, from sensations which may be nervously illusive. I am unfitted however for the undertaking to which you amicably invite me & there can be little to regret on the score of my failure to comply with yr. wish since Dr Drake has undergone the revision of the remains of our late friend. The Doctor is on every account a most competent supervisor, & other aid can hardly be required. I enclose a note from the Bard which I lately met with in a book, & remain with good wishes, yrs. Truly

T Park

Address: Mr Joseph Weston / No. 18 Brunswick Place / City Road

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