407. Hannah Bloomfield to Thomas Bachelor, 24 August 1825


407. Hannah Bloomfield to Thomas Bachelor, 24 August 1825* 

12 Providence Row, Finsbury Square

August 24th. 1825


It is in contemplation to publish a 'Memoirs & Correspondence' of my father compiled by his friend Mr Weston (who some years since resided at Shefford.) he has selected for insertion the inclosed letter if you will permit its publication.—If you happen to possess any of my fathers letters you would much oblige us by the loan of them, to see if they contain any thing useful to the proposed work. Will you Sir do our family the favour to accept from them a copy of my Fathers 'Remains'? They were published last summer and a copy was intended to be sent to you long ago as a mark of esteem which I know my dear Father felt for you, altho' many causes conceiv'd to render him too inert to cultivate well the friendships which were offer'd him.—When you have done with the letter you will oblige me by returning it to me address'd as above—

I am Sir yours very respectfully

Hannah Bloomfield

Address: From Miss Bloomfield / Mr Tho's Bachelor / Lidlington / Bedfordshire / Aug 24th

* Bedfordshire and Luton Archives, X 135/35 BACK