410. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 16 May 1827


410. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 16 May 1827* 

P N Row May 16 1827


I am exceedingly sorry that you have been kept [illegible word]ling in suspense respecting the account, which should not have been the case, had I been aware that a circumstance for which alone I waited, would have been so long delayed. Anticipating that we should be assailed by pirates of the Farmers Boy, in all directions, as soon as the copyright of that work should expire, we began to make preparations nearly two years ago for a more beautiful edition than ever yet appeared; but of the usual size. For this purpose we got Mr Westall to make five designs, which have been engraved by one of our first artists, and the book will certainly be ready in about a fortnight: it ought to have been so three months ago. Wishing to send you a copy of this edition, and also to include the expenses and probable returns in the account, in order that you might see more clearly what you may reasonably expect in future to derive from the works, I have waited till this edition should be ready. As soon as it is, I will send you a statement of the account, which you may confidently look for at the time mentioned.

I am Madam your faithful servt

Robert Baldwin

Address: Miss Bloomfield / 41 North Bank / Regents Park

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