411. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 20 June 1827


411. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 20 June 1827* 


I send herewith 2 copies of the new and highly ornamented edition of the Farmers Boy: the plates are done on steel; so that they will last through several editions, and though they have cost a heavy sum, we trust they will ultimately produce considerable profit. They however tend to keep back any immediate advantage.

Inclosed are two accounts—one showing the state of affairs to the end of 1826; and the other the account current. Upon the first, there is a balance due to us of £91.19.3; but a considerable stock in hand; by the second the balance is considerably increased, though the property is increased in a still greater proportion. At present we are out of pocket too large a sum to be borne without some charge for interest, though we trust that eventually the sales will in great measure remedy this.

I remain madam your ever obedient servt

Robert Baldwin

P N Row, June 20. 1827

Address: Miss Bloomfield / 41 North Bank / Regents Park

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