414. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 23 May 1828


414. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 23 May 1828* 

Paternoster Row

May 23 1828


Our usual time for making up accounts is after the 30th of June: yours were made up in that period in last years; and it would be very inconvenient to make it up again until after our usual taking of stock at the end of June. However I have examined the state of the accounts which I can ascertain with tolerable accuracy from our warehouse-book, and I find that the quantity of stock sold since the last statement is about a hundred pounds—leaving still a balance due to us of more than £220—

Under these circumstances, we are compelled, with pain and reluctance, to decline making any advance.

I remain, Madam, faithfully yours

Robert Baldwin

Address: Miss Bloomfield / 41 North Bank / Regents Park

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 470 BACK