424. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 7 September 1831


424. Robert Baldwin to Hannah Bloomfield, 7 September 1831* 

Paternoster Row

Sept 7. 1831


We have deferred our answer to your letter of the second that we might make some enquiries on behalf of your brother; but, we are sorry to say, they have been as yet quite unavailing: the trade is so very dull that almost every house is overstocked as to hands, and we ourselves have very lately made an important reduction in our business, which has been accompanied by a reduction in our establishment, but not yet a proportionate one. Should we hear of anything likely to suit, you shall not fail to hear.

The last years sales have made a considerable reduction in the balance, but not so much as we could have wished: we find it necessary to send a corrected copy of the last years statement, because there was an error in copying out the amount of the 246 'Banks of the Wye', which affected both the commission and the balance. Pray substitute this new account for the former, and it will tally with that for the year just ended.

I remain, Madam, your obed sert

Robert Baldwin

Address: Miss Bloomfield / 25 Rosamond Street / Clerkenwell

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