48. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 21 December 1800


48. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 21 December 1800* 

London Dec 21. 1800

Dear George

You will have 500 hundred bills for 3s 6d when I can get them printed, they will perhaps be done tomorrow, but I send now least you should want the paper for Mr Austin. Our cousin Hannah was well, and keeps her place when last I saw her, which was a short time ago. I send your Neighbour's receipt which I have long forgot to send. We are all tolarably well. Mary has at last taken the innoculation the 4th time of trying —

Nats folks are well.

I had bought a small stock of Trimings for myself and had order'd the same quantity and assortment home for you. I send the Bill with them; we will recon the difference another time. You will find those made with Ribband the dearest, except the ½ doz morocco colour'd resembling gimp. which you will find cost you 5d pr pair, the Ribband 4 1/2d, the half round black and morrocco, 3 1/2d, the round flush morocco at 3d I know of no rule in selling them only that when they are bought at shoemakers shops they are 6d pr pair retail, I have hitherto carried my shoes home ready trim'd; I have had 7s–6d pr pair for some, boath Spanish and kid, I cannot learn whither it is customary to send home bespoke work trimd, or if they do, whither they charge seperately for them. Shoes, calld here Shoe-bottoms or Double Soles are 6s and 6d, to 7s sale work, and 8s upwards bespoke. I am very sadly in the dark as to what I ought to charge upon the whole. I wish you would give me a list of your Bury prices, it would be a satisfaction to me to know. I am short of time, I shall send again soon, and remember the binding skin &c —

This Box, if we look sharp, may serve to travel to and from London many times, spare paper, Twine, and trouble &c ——

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