56. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 16 September 1801


56. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 16 September 1801* 

London Sept 16 1801

Dear George

I should be glad if you can get money for the enclosed Bill, and send it immediately to me, put it in a parcell and let it be in London on Friday night if you can I want to pay a Doctor's Bill and some other things. When does your Fair begin? I mean to send some shoes. Should like if you could send us half a Bushel of Suffolk Nutts to crack when 'the Frost is set in' but send the Money first and then we can talk more about it.

All well

Rob Bloomfield.

Your Nutts were good, your news from Troston Bad; I had a letter from Mr L of the same import. Our proofs are not retarded by it; all goes on well, only the zeal of Mr L prompts him to offer what he deems amendments, and which I have the disagreeable task of rejecting, I write now to Mr C. Bloomfield. I know that you will begin to ruminate upon the necessity of my applying to Hood, but keep down your regrets; you know how some of it is gone, that it is not squandered by me &c &c. If the Duke or any one else would give me an employment at £80 per Ann; I could save £500 the next 3 years.

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