72. Robert Bloomfield to Nathan Drake, 8 January 1802


72. Robert Bloomfield to Nathan Drake, 8 January 1802* 

London. Jany 8th 1802


Remembering with peculiar pleasure the entertainment I found at Hadleigh [1]  and your previous service and good wishes to me and my cause; I beg to renew the remembrance of good deeds, and to be allowed to gratify myself by sending you a small volume, and likewise one for the good lady [2]  at whose table I was so happy, and whose goodwill I very much wish to retain. My family are but very so-so; neither am I quite well. What think you of the Vaccine? Is it not a glorious cause?

Most truly and respectfully, Sir,

Your obedt. humble servt.

Robt Bloomfield.

* BL Add. MS 28268, f. 80; extract published in Hart, p. 20 BACK

[1] Hart's note is worth reprinting here: 'It was in June 1801 (Dr. Drake informs me) that Mr. Bloomfield spent nearly a month with him at Hadleigh. Much as I had been prespossess'd (says the Dr.) in Mr. Bloomfield's favour by the beauty, originality, and moral tendency of his poetry, I was yet greatly struck at this meeting by the symplicity of his manners; by the evident tenderness of his feelings; and by the genuine goodness of heart which many little circumstances seemed to call forth. The same impression was felt and nearly I believe in an equal degree by all to whom I introduced him and when induced in a large party to recite some of his unpublished pieces — this was done with a propriety of manner and sensibility of expression which did not fail to make its way very powerfully to the sympathy and approbation of his hearers.' BACK

[2] Hart: 'Mrs Fortescue then resident at Hadleigh'. BACK