74a. Robert Bloomfield to Peter Gedge, 11 January 1802


74a. Robert Bloomfield to Peter Gedge, 11 January 1802.* 

Jan 11. 1802


This is the first conveyance and the first opportunity I have had to send to you a Copy of the new Voll of poems.  [1]  I have received a very kind letter from the Hon. C. J. Fox, and one from Mr. Drake in high commendation of the pieces.  [2]  I mention this, because I am convinced that you participate in my good fortune, and feel an anxious desire to promote my reputation which, by the above mention'd information will appear not to be on the decline. My respects to Mrs G and family

Sir your Obed, Rob Bloomfield


Near the Shepherd & the Shepherdess / City Road / London

Mr Gedge

P.S. pray accept this from me, and I shall feel myself obliged by it —

* Enclosed in a presentation copy of Rural Tales, Claude Cox catalogue 200, item 13. Transcribed as fully as possible from the small photographic image in the catalogue and the bookseller's description. BACK

[1] Rural Tales, newly published. BACK

[2] See Letters 73 and 74. BACK