95. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 8 September 1802


95. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 8 September 1802* 

City Road Sep 8th 1802

Dear George

Yesterday I was unfortunately at Dr Disney's at dinnertime and so did not see home untill I left the Office at 6 in the evening and then by the time I can swallow a cup of tea it is nearly seven, and consequently too late to post a word to you as I wishd. You would expect it this morning and I have felt for you.—

The news of your partners situation is very unpleasant and distresing. And what to say to you and her I know not. But when I had the Dropsy Old Dr Sims certainly cured me I took Spruce Beer to create Urine, but whither any thing with it or whither pure, I could not positively say. And I took an Electuary (of a yellow cast) the bigness of a nutmeg twice a day. This had a purging quality very strong, and excessively painful. A weak and debilitated habit is allways apt to suffer from this loathsome and burthensome pressure of water, but still I must hope soon to hear of its abatement and assure you that were it my case I should look confidently for a restoration. I wish I could say more, but my time

—This moment a letter from Mr Lofft

tell my Mother that I despatched a letter to Sister Bet on the 1st of this month, it is now on its passage—God Bless you all.


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