97. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 13 October 1802


97. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 13 October 1802* 

Octo 13 1802

Dear George

Cut off this quarter of the sheet, and then let Mr Lofft see Burnham Water, and say if you like that I had intended it for Euston but my courage faild—

Get cash for the enclosed Note and send it by the coach that starts the morning after you get this. I do not understand rightly the statement as to repairs, but I know that it is my wish that Mr Austin might take my word so far, that whatever he may advance shall be paid him next spring. If the whole comes to twice £30 I am so convinced of the wisdom of the measure that I wish to say, go on, as to Isaac I do indeed wish seriously that you two boys could set your Horses together without kicking, but you are both Bloomfields, and both good fellows. 'It will rub out when it is dry' Remember us to your Wife and Children. All well

Robert Bloomfield

(Pay yourself the shilling postage)

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