99. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 6 November 1802


99. Robert Bloomfield to George Bloomfield, 6 November 1802* 

Saturday Nov 6th 1802

Dear George

Another of Nat's Children have fallen a victim to that raging Fiend which God has permitted to be amongst us under the name of Smalpox! The boy George was taken ill on Sunday; the disorder appeard on Tuesday night and his short sufferings were over yesterday morning!

The parents are most pitiably wounded in their minds and we have no comfort to give. The Vaccine inoculation had been talkd of, and intended some time past; the Infant three weeks old has now the smallpox irruption, but slightly. Bet came here to bring little Tom out of the way, who have thus escaped, and we hope still to give him the Vaccine and to preserve him. I am inexpressibly hurt and confounded at this stroke; and it shall operate as a powerful stimulous on my Mind in persuit of that great and Momentous Subject.—

I wrote yesterday to Mr Lofft, and Mention'd his illness. He was then dead but his Father could not tell me so!



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