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HYMN to CONTENT. spacer
-------------------- natura beatis
Omnibus esse dedit, si quis cognoverit uti.

CLAUDIAN. spacer

O Thou, the Nymph with placid eye !
O seldom found, yet ever nigh !
      Receive my temperate vow :
Not all the storms that shake the pole
Can e'er disturb thy halcyon soul,
      And smooth unalter'd brow.

O come, in simplst vest array'd,
With all thy sober cheer display'd
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      To bless my longing sight ;
Thy mien compos'd, thy even pace,
Thy meek regard, thy matron grace,
      And chaste subdued delight.

No more by varying passions beat,
O gently guide my pilgrim feet
      To find thy hermit cell ;
Where in some pure and equal sky
Beneath thy soft indulgent eye
      Thy modest virtues dwell.

Simplicity in Attic vest,
And Innocence with candid breast,
      And clear undaunted eye ;
And Hope, who points to distant years,
Fair opening through this vale of tears
      A vista to the sky.

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There Health, thro' whose calm bosom glide
The temperate joys in even tide,
      That rarely ebb or flow ;
And Patience there, thy sister meek,
Presents her mild, unvarying cheek
      To meet the offer'd blow.

Her influence taught the Phrygian sage
A tyrant master's wanton rage
      With settled smiles to meet ;
Inur'd to toil and bitter bread
He bow'd his meek submitted head,
      And kiss'd thy sainted feet.

But thou, oh Nymph retir'd and coy !
In what brown hamlet dost thou joy
      To tell thy simple tale ;
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The lowliest children of the ground,
Moss rose, and violet, blossom round,
      And lily of the vale.

O say what soft propitious hour
I best may chuse to hail thy power,
      And court thy gentle sway ?
When Autumn, friendly to the Muse,
Shall thy own modest tints diffuse,
      And shed thy milder day.

When Eve, her dewy star beneath,
Thy balmy spirit loves to breathe,
      And every storm is laid ;
If such an hour was e'er thy choice,
Oft let me hear thy soothing voice
      Low whispering thro' the shade.