The Gallery

The Gallery

Felicia Hemans, an engraving by Edward Scriven of the original oil by William Edward West in 1827.

Felicia Hemans painted by William Edward West in 1827, used with permission of the May Somerville family.

Jacques Bénique Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux, taken from Oraisons Funèbres, ed. Jacques Truchet (Paris: Garnier, 1961).

This painting of Byron by Thomas Phillips hangs in the city of Nottingham Museum at Newstead Abbey.

George, Lord Byron; a stipple engraving by Henry Hoppner Meyer after George Henry Harlow. It was published in 1816 by Davis and Cadell, London and is used here by permission of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries (Newstead Abbey).



Memorial tablet to Felicia Hemans in St Ann's church, Dublin.
Photograph by Jeremy Taylor.

A View of Newstead Abbey.
Photograph by Nanora Sweet.

Inscribed marble tablet above the Byron family vault where the poet, the 6th Lord Byron, is buried in the church of St Mary Magdalene, Hucknall Church, Nottinghamshire. Note that in the corner of the photograph the foot of the brass lectern firmly stands upon the entrance to the vault, thus as the late Father Green commented, "Satan is held down the by bible."
Photograph by Nanora Sweet.

Memorials to the poet Byron, erected by his half-sister Augusta Leigh and his daughter Ada, on the south wall of St Mary Magdalene, Hucknall.
Photograph by Nanora Sweet.

The Byron Memorial Garden at St Mary Magdalene, Hucknall. The black marble memorial simply reads "Byron 1788 - 1824." This was erected in the 1990s and the parishioners spent much time trying to identify a passage from Byron that was appropriate for a Christian churchyard. They finally chose these lines from CHP 4.137: "But there is that within me which shall tire Torture and Time, and breathe when I expire." (lines 1228-29).
Photograph by Nanora Sweet.


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