2113. Robert Southey to [John Wilson Croker], 10 June 1812

2113. Robert Southey to [John Wilson Croker], 10 June 1812 ⁠* 

Keswick. June 10. 1812.

My dear Sir

My friend Williams Wynn informs me that I am indebted to your kindness for an attempt to forward my wishes & worldly interests. [1]  The knowledge that this attempt was made in time, has saved me from the little sort of repining which I might else have felt, in fancying that my application had failed because it was preferred too late. – I wished for the office, not merely because it would have secured to me a moderate competence, but because I should have made it my pride to discharge the duties which ought to attach to it. The opportunity is lost, – but I am not the less beholden to you for your friendly intentions & endeavour.

Believe me my dear Sir

Yrs very thankfully & with great respect

Robert Southey.


* Endorsement: Ansd June 13
MS: Morgan Library, MA 1005. ALS; 1p.
Previously published: Myron F. Brightfield, John Wilson Croker (London, 1940), p. 208. BACK

[1] Southey had been attempting to obtain the post of Historiographer Royal after the death of Louis Dutens (1730–1812; DNB) on 23 May 1812. He was unsuccessful and the post went to James Stanier Clarke (c. 1765–1834; DNB). BACK

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