2228. Robert Southey to John May, 5 March 1813

2228. Robert Southey to John May, 5 March 1813 ⁠* 

Keswick. March 5. 1813.

My dear friend

I hope I have not again overslipped the date of my insurance policy. Here I inclose a draft upon Longman for £40– for that purpose, – the balance will go to my account with you; – & as soon as this ye current Register [1]  is compleated, which must be before I move start for London (the first week in May I hope) – I will remit you 100 £ – toward the liquidation of a long-standing debt.

The form of the Register is to be changed, much against my judgement & advice. Between ourselves, I have a strong suspicion that the work will drop, & that the money which I have entailed in it on will be lost. John Ballantyne, the bookseller appears to be a man whose character is worse xxxx xxxxx This next forthcoming year is to be in one volume, at a reduced price, – which I consider a symptom & a xxxxxx of its downfall, & an accelerating cause of it. The reduction of bulk which is aimed at may perhaps exclude the memoir of Mr Walpole. [2]  – I shall write it of course, – & if when it is written I should fail in finding a fit vehicle for it, will in that case print such a number of copies as may be thought sufficient, for private distribution.

believe me my dear friend

yours very affectionately <& in haste>

Robert Southey.

The sooner your accounts of the conduct of the French in Portugal shall now arrive, the better. [3] 


* Endorsement: No. 166. 1813/ Robert Southey/ Keswick 5th March/ recd. 23d do/ ansd. 12th April
Watermark: C Wilmott/ 1807
MS: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin. ALS; 2p.
Previously published: Charles Ramos, The Letters of Robert Southey to John May: 1797–1838 (Austin, Texas, 1976), p. 127. BACK

[1] Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1811 (1813), for which Southey wrote the historical section. BACK

[2] Robert Walpole (1736–1810), Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Portugal, 1771–1800. May had asked Southey to write an account of his life. This was not published. BACK

[3] The sooner … better: Written at top of fol 1r. May was supplying information that Southey could use in his account of recent events in Portugal, see Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1811, (1813), 244–264. BACK

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