2431. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 30 May 1814

2431. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 30 May 1814 ⁠* 

My dear Grosvenor

I give in no account of income as arising from the profits of authorship either here or elsewhere, – in fact, I subsist by borrowing in advance upon those profits, – Longman has my books in his hands, & answers my drafts, – the books are his security, & I am at this time indebted to him of more than about 300 £. & the profits having never yet kept pace with the debt, – except while the Register [1]  continued. My income was given in first as arising from Wynn  [2]  – afterwards as commuted for the pension, [3]  & for th two or three years past no annual paper has been sent me. [4] 

Youthhead [5]  is a genuine old word, & useful as distinguished from a youth.

Your question about the income has made me somewhat uneasy –


May 30 1814


* Address: To/ G. C. Bedford Esqre/ 9. Stafford Row/ Buckingham Gate/ London
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
Postmark: E/ 2 JU 2/ 1814
Endorsement: 30 May 1814
MS: Bodleian Library, MS Eng. Lett. c. 25. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] The Edinburgh Annual Register. BACK

[2] i.e. the annuity of £160 Southey had received from Wynn. BACK

[3] Wynn’s annuity was converted into a government pension in 1807. BACK

[4] Southey was completing his income tax return. BACK

[5] Roderick, the Last of the Goths (1814), Book 17, line 17. BACK

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