2451. Robert Southey to [Thomas Norton Longman], 26 June 1814

2451. Robert Southey to [Thomas Norton Longman], 26 June 1814 ⁠* 

Keswick. 26 June 1814.

Dear Sir

The parcel did not reach me till this day. On the next leaf I send corrections of the press for a second edition, – if one should be required. There are some misprints which without making nonsense, make a wrong sense that is even worse.

If those Odes [1]  should meet with a tolerable sale my fingers itch to pay their respects of Buonaparte & his brother Joseph. [2] 

yrs very truly

R Southey.


* MS: National Library of Scotland, MS 3925. ALS; 2p.
Note on addressee: addressee identified by content. BACK

[1] Congratulatory Odes. Odes to His Royal Highness The Prince Regent, His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Russia, and His Majesty the King of Prussia (1814), which commemorated the visits of Alexander I (1777–1825; Emperor of Russia 1801–1825) and Frederick William III (1770–1840; King of Prussia 1797–1840). BACK

[2] Joseph-Napoleon Bonaparte (1768–1844; King of Naples 1806–1808; King of Spain 1808–1813), and his younger brother Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821). BACK

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