2559. Robert Southey to Herbert Hill, 22 February 1815

2559. Robert Southey to Herbert Hill, 22 February 1815 ⁠* 

This volume of the Register is not mine, [1]  & I cannot conceive why Harry should have supposed it to be so. I do not know who has written it, nor indeed have I seen it.

I have the whole of the Cronicas published by Sancha, [2]  – the first five volumes I bought very cheap in London, & the last (xxxx the Cron. del R Alfonso XI [3] ) you brought over with you. Besides these the Cron. of Henrique 4 [4]  was printed but suppressed, – Ld. Holland has a copy, I believe without title or preface for the work being <was> stopt by authority. Allen [5]  told me it was of very little value. – This beast Ferdinand [6]  has no doubt deprived us of a thoroughly valuable book, – a history of the xx old Cortes in two quartos, by Marina, [7]  who wrote an introduction to the last edition of the Partidas which was not printed with the work, but published under a separate title when the press became free. I was expecting his greater work when Ferdinand overthrew everything.

From Lisbon I shall be glad of the numbers of the Jornal de Coimbra [8]  beginning with No 25, & of O Patriota [9]  (the Rio Magazine) beginning with January 1814, – being the third subscription. Also Lisboa Destruida – a poem upon the Earthquake by P. Theodoro d’Almeida, [10]  which I see announced among recent publications. I fear it would be xxxx hopeless to enquire for the histories of Paraguay by Montoya, [11]  Lozano [12]  & Xarque [13]  of all which & especially the first I feel myself greatly in want. I believe It is very probable that Montoya would afford some notices respecting S Pauls, to which city (as you will see erelong) he pursued a set of the Paulista kidnappers. [14]  I find no difficulty in reconciling the different accounts of these people given by the Portugueze & the Jesuits, – each party tells what the other found it prudent to suppress, & thus the whole truth comes out. Between both I have a very clear view of the subject.

You will find the discussions of the Portugueze Government concerning Pernambuco very curious & characteristic: I half suspect that Joam 4 himself was bitten by the Sebastianists, – or rather the Fifth-monarchy-men, as the Sebastianists after the Acclamation became for a time. [15]  The Mesa de Conciencia [16]  gravely allude to his becoming Lord of the World in their paper, & the Papel Forte concludes with the same expectation. This I have no doubt is Vieyras [17]  not only from this passage, but from other internal evidence. The whole of this business is exceedingly curious; between pride, poverty, & perplexity the Government knew not how to act, it went on vacillating, procrastinating, expecting miracles & xxx trusting to time & chance, which actually at last brought it out of the scrape. – There is a history of the Dutch affairs for that century by Basnage [18]  which I ought to have had, & one by Aitzema [19]  from 1621 – to 1668 of enormous bulk, full of documents. I regret that I have not seen them, tho they would have tempted me into more detail than can well be afforded.

I remember the Secretary, [20]  & thought he had been at this time a Lord of the Admiralty. Does he take this situation on account of his health?

The first term of my lease expires this time two years, – the property has just been sold, & I think it most likely that the purchaser will let out some of the ground for building, near enough to be a nuisance to these premises. In that case I shall move for which perhaps (if I live so long, & do well in the meantime) I may never be so well prepared as about that time, – looking to the purchase money for my history of the war [21]  as the resource. Some times I think of fixing at Bath, as the place where there are most comforts to be obtained at the least expence, & especially for the sake of the baths, to which I have a Turkish propensity. But on the whole I should prefer being near you, & within reach of Harry & my London friends.

Oh how I wished for the Marquis last week! Some body was married & sent me some wedding cake. – Love to my Aunt & all the Bears [22] 

God bless you


22 Feby. 1815.


* Address: To/ The Reverend Herbert Hill/ Streatham/ Surry
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
MS: Keswick Museum and Art Gallery. ALS; 4p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1812 (1814). The historical section was written by the Scottish lawyer and writer, James Russell (1790–1861; DNB), as Southey’s last contribution was to the Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1811 (1813). BACK

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[22] i.e. the Hills’ sons, Edward, Herbert and Erroll. BACK

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