3272. Robert Southey to George Ticknor, [21 March 1819]

3272. Robert Southey to George Ticknor, [21 March 1819] ⁠* 

My dear Sir

Thank you for remembering the petition. [1]  – I send with it an introductory note which may or not be of use; for perhaps you have met Elmsley abroad, – & perhaps he may not be in Oxford. – But if he be there, you can have no better introduction. He is one of our best Grecians, – & what is far better, a man of the widest range of knowledge.

I shall be truly glad to hear of your safe arrival in your co own country, – & to keep up with you from time to time that communication which ought to be more frequent between men of the same inclin pursuits.

God bless you my dear Sir

Robert Southey.

It is possible that Mrs Coleridges note may not have been delivered at Rydale, – thro neglect. And it is also xx possible, barely so, that all the Wordsworths may have walked out when you arrive. But if it should be so wait for their return. For you ought to see Wordsworth, & he would be greatly disappointed if he were not to see you. [2] 


* Address: To/ George Ticknor Esqr
MS: Houghton Library, bMS Eng 265.1 (29). ALS; 3p.
Dating note: This letter contained a note of introduction to Peter Elmsley, written on 21 March [1819]; see Letter 3270. BACK

[1] In a petition to the Council of the Indies, dated 21 May 1590, the writer Miguel de Cervantes (1546–1616) applied for no fewer than four vacant posts in Spanish America. He was unsuccessful. Ticknor had discovered this information during his visit to Spain. BACK

[2] Ticknor returned to Rydal Mount on 21 March 1819 and met Wordsworth. BACK

People mentioned

Fricker, Sarah (1770–1845) (mentioned 1 time)
Elmsley, Peter (1774–1825) (mentioned 1 time)

Places mentioned

Rydal Mount (mentioned 1 time)