3598. Robert Southey to [John Murray], 30 December 1820

3598. Robert Southey to [John Murray], 30 December 1820⁠* 

My dear Sir

When the printer begins upon this second chapter, [1]  will you take care that a proof, as it goes on, may be sent to Mr Frere, – the person of all others, who in this part of the work, can overlook it to most advantage. I have desired him (in the letter which I now inclose) [2]  when his corrections are such as I can have no doubt in adopting, to return the proofs to you, – but when any important alteration is suggested, of course to forward it here.

The portion which I now send contains much curious detail hitherto unknown in this country.

The first volume of Dobrizhoffer was sent off in a parcel this day. [3] 

Yrs very truly


30 Dec. 1820


* MS: Department of Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester, Robert Southey Papers A.S727. ALS; 1p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] The second chapter of the first volume of Southey’s History of the Peninsular War (1823–1832). The printer was Thomas Davison (1766–1831). BACK

[2] The enclosure was Southey to John Hookham Frere, 30 December 1820, Letter 3597. BACK

[3] The first part of Sara Coleridge’s translation of Martin Dobrizhoffer (1717–1791), Historia de Abiponibus Equestri, Bellicosaque Paraquariae Natione (1784), no. 843 in the sale catalogue of Southey’s library. It soon became apparent that there had been a misunderstanding about the length of the work commissioned by Murray, but the translation did eventually run to three volumes; see Southey to John Murray, 28 January 1821, Letter 3619. It was published in 1822 as An Account of the Abipones, an Equestrian People of Paraguay. BACK

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