1435. Robert Southey to Mary Barker, March 1808

1435. Robert Southey to Mary Barker, March 1808 ⁠* 

My dear Senhora

I have not written because unless I had stolen it from sleep I have not had one minute in which it would have been possible to write since my arrival in town: nor was it my intention to have written till I had reached home & could have given you a fair sheet full, & added a fitting letter of thanks to Sir Edward. I pray you make my acknowledgements to him in the meantime. I have done nothing but pack books, tramp the streets, dress, go out, blow my nose & cough for the last fortnight – at present my work is going on, & my cold going off.

God bless you



* Address: To/ Miss Barker
MS: MS untraced; text is taken from Robert Galloway Kirkpatrick, ‘The Letters of Robert Southey to Mary Barker From 1800 to 1826’ (unpublished PhD, Harvard, 1967), p. 270. BACK

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