1611. Robert Southey to John Rickman, [c. late March-early April 1809]

1611. Robert Southey to John Rickman, [c. late March-early April 1809]⁠* 

My dear Rickman

The book about Chiloe [1]  is gone to Longmans directed to you. The Captain will I think find in it a good deal to his purpose in the way of Lat. & Long.

I should have written to you some days ago if all had been going on well. Edith was safely put to bed on Monday last [2]  – she has been very unwell since, & tho I believe all danger of puerperal fever is over exhibits little or no symptoms of amendment. Her complaint is the same as that which confined her to her bed two months ago, – but what that is I do not understand except that it is accompanied with tenesmus, dysentery it is not. The pulse is better than it has been, there is no dangerous symptom of any kind, & our apothecary apprehends none. but I am perfectly aware that in her situation the danger is far more likely to occur than it would be at any other time, & that tenesmus never can exist without danger of inflammation in all the parts adjoining

God bless you


Thank you for many good notes. The Moths are not Ants of any kind, for they are described by writers who knew all the Ants & Uncles in S America


* Address: To/ John Rickman Esqr
Endorsement: RS. dateless/ Circ. April 1809
MS: Huntington Library, RS 140. ALS; 3p.
Dating note: dated from internal evidence. Southey refers to Edith being ‘safely put to bed on Monday last’, 27 March 1809, Bertha Southey’s birthday. BACK

[1] P. F. Pedro Gonzalez de Agueros (dates untraced), Descripcion Historial de la Provincia y Archipielago de Chile, y Obispado de la Concepcion (1791). No. 3480 in the sale catalogue of Southey’s library. BACK

[2] Bertha Southey was born 27 March 1809. BACK

People mentioned

Burney, James (1750–1821) (mentioned 1 time)
Fricker, Edith (1774–1837) (mentioned 1 time)
Southey, Bertha (1809–1877) (mentioned 1 time)