1642. Robert Southey to Edith Southey, 11 June 1809

1642. Robert Southey to Edith Southey, 11 June 1809 ⁠* 

My dear Edith

I know not what you will say to me about the Carpet. There is a manufactory of them here, – where you have of course better choice & get them cheaper, – but xxxx must take the whole piece. This as I found one which pleased me much I thought it best to do – so I have sent off 64 ½ yards – being 13 ½ more than my commission, – but this I know be enough for the wing bed-room, –- or you may now carpet the parlour & cut up the study-carpet for yours & the spare-room, – just as you think best. 3–6d a yard, – a difference more than adequate to the carriage. The whole damage has been £11. 5 – which has left me so poor that I am afraid Edaw must wait for her silver knife. Will you believe it – I can neither get nine pins nor map of England here! – these however I have no doubt of finding at Newcastle.

The Doctor Domine is gone to show himself at his parish Church, – I have staid at home to correct the proof [1]  & get a library book, – & having a few minutes to spare employ them as you see. Mrs. Zouch the Doctors wife [2]  with whom we dined yesterday, was a bride last year after a courtship of five & forty years, – & she talked to Mary about the awkwardness which she felt after making her appearance here! – Dr Z. is one of the most gentle-minded men I ever saw. He has been deaf from his childhood, & seems now to be recovering his hearing.

They are returned from Church & I must away to make my take-leave visits. I start from hence about nine tomorrow, & weather permitting & God willing should reach home not later than Thursday – you will either hear from me or see me then. Don’t scold me about the carpet – we wanted one for the wing room & it was as well now as a few months hence when we must have paid dearer & could not have got any thing so pretty – It went off for Newcastle last night, & may not impossibly arrive at Keswick as soon as I shall. I shall be glad to get home, tho as comfortable here as I can be without my desk, my daughter, my moon & somebody whom I want more than all three.

I have no faith in Wm Taylors news about Longman – the rumour is likely enough to have been raised by the persons whom they have prest for money, – because they feared it was not in safe hands. Their main speculations have answered remarkably well – that I know, – & I know also that they speculate less than any other great publishers.

Please to forgive me about the carpet & I’ll never do so any more. – Edith you cannot have the conscience to find fault with me after that.

God bless you my dear Edith –


Sunday. June 11. 1809.


* Address: To/ Mrs Southey/ Keswick/ Cumberland./ Single
Stamped: DURHAM/ 265
MS: British Library, Add MS 47888. ALS; 4p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Of Southey’s first volume of The History of Brazil published in 1810. BACK

[2] Thomas Zouch (1737–1815; DNB), Church of England clergyman who wrote the Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir Philip Sydney (1808). Southey reviewed this work in the Annual Review for 1808, 7 (1809), 224–235. Zouch married his second wife, Margaret Brooke (1743–1833; DNB), in 1808. BACK

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