Significant Variants (excluding punctuation and titles)

Significant Variants (excluding punctuation and titles)

Note: Given the different conventions of punctuation in manuscripts and in print, variants in punctuation have been excluded.


Verses = Verses Transcribed for H.T. (1805)

PWOP = Psyche, with Other Poems (1811)

Mary = Mary, a Series of Reflections During Twenty Years (1811)

Selena = Selena (c. 1803)

CPJ = Collected Poems and Journals of Mary Tighe (2005)

Volume 1

The Vartree

25: Linda [Verses] = Mary [PWOP]

32: Continual hopes deceive, and the vex'd [Verses] = Fallacious hopes the baffled [PWOP]

Verses Written at the commencement of Spring. 1802

67: on [Verses] = in [PWOP]

71: long-delayed [Verses] = long delaying [PWOP]

Address to my Harp

9-12 omitted in PWOP:

My sickening heart saw hope deferr'd
And sought with thee to cheat the hours,
Thy voice my ear delighted heard
And conquer'd felt vexation's powers

Song Post nublia Phoebus

Subtitle omitted in CPJ

3: While [Verses] = Think [CPJ]

6: rudely [Verses] = widely [CPJ]

17-24 missing in CPJ:

The darkling gloom begins to fly,
The sun shines forth with cheering ray,
The wat'ry mirror of the sky
Brightens in the smiling day.
The vale reviving glows again,
Again th' illumined hills shine clear,
The shadowy clouds flit o'er the plain,
And swiftly shifting, disappear.

28: our [Verses] = the [CPJ]

Verses Written at the Devil's Bridge in Cardigan

3: solace [Verses] = object [CPJ]

11: yet [Verses] = still [CPJ]

20: the steep groves [Verses] = steep groves [CPJ]

La Cittadina

1: leafless [Verses] = hapless [CPJ]

7: here [Verses] = there [CPJ]

8: tints [Verses] = hints [CPJ]

16: toils [Verses] = bliss [CPJ]

21: the [Verses] = and [CPJ]

32: us [Verses] = me [CPJ]

36: mirth [Verses] = dance [CPJ]

38: lov'd [Verses] = hu'd [CPJ]

39: laughing [Verses] = pleasing [CPJ]

51: where [Verses] = when [CPJ]

57: fair [Verses] = maid [CPJ]

62: what youth obtains [Verses] = to whom belong [CPJ]

65: when [Verses] = where [CPJ]

67: heedless [Verses] = careless [CPJ]

68: careless [Verses] = heedless [CPJ]

79: as [Verses] = while [CPJ]

83: Joy's [Verses] = Lips [CPJ]

84: know [Verses] = shew [CPJ]

87: unfrequent [Verses] = infrequent [CPJ]

99: When [Verses] = Then [CPJ]

106: kindling breathe celestial [Verses] = kindly breathe a sacred

111: sweetly [Verses] = gently [CPJ]

125-26 omitted in CPJ: "There the soul delights to meet / Kindred soul in converse sweet,"

138: calm sobriety [Verses] = mild society [CPJ]

139-142 reduced from four lines to two:

Mild indulgence, white-robed candour,
Warding off the shafts of slander,
To truth's just sentence still referring,
Or thro' partial kindness erring; [Verses]
Charity, benign indulgence,
White rob'd candour, truth's just sentence, [CPJ]

156: faults [Verses] = crimes [CPJ]

157: crimes [Verses] = faults [CPJ]

162: The ready blush, the [Verses] = Her ready blush, and [CPJ]

163: lips [Verses] = words [CPJ]

172: social [Verses] = cheerful [CPJ]

174: The [Verses] = Her [CPJ]

178: Sabine [Verses] = salvic [CPJ]

180: When [Verses] = Where [CPJ]

181: to me [Verses] = delights [CPJ]

A faithful friend is the medicine of life

3: on [Verses] = in [CPJ]

6: imbitter [Verses] = embitter [CPJ]

20: shall [Verses] = will [CPJ]

43: nor [Verses] = or [CPJ]

Morning 1799

13-16 omitted in PWOP:

Ah! what avail the couch, or curtain'd awning,
The eider's softness, or luxurious bed?
With sleepless, aching eyes I wait thy dawning
While the vain pillow mocks my throbbing head.

36: watchful [Verses] = wakeful [PWOP]

To ---- 1802

22: an [Verses] = in [CPJ]

23: lov'd [Verses] = liv'd [CPJ]

26: bid [Verses] = bad [CPJ]

Elegy Written for Emily 1802

15: still [Verses] = yet [Selena]

16: still may [Verses] = yet can [Selena]

32: in my [Verses] = on mine [Selena]

38: speak [Verses] = talk [Selena]

61: corroding [Verses] = forboding [Selena]

72: dreads [Verses] = knows [Selena]

Stanzas Written for Angela 1800

25: the [Verses] = some [Selena]

37: thine [Verses] = mine [Selena]

40: Suspicion's [Verses] = Suspicious [Selena]

52: flown [Verses] = gone [Selena]

Verses Written for Emily 1799

1-12 omitted in Selena:

Poor fond heart with pleasure swelling
What hast thou to do with joy?
Sorrow still usurps the dwelling
Scatters wide each glitt'ring toy.
From her grotto's brilliant centre
See the Circe pleasure woo,
Oft deluded would I enter
Tho I saw remorse pursue:
Ah! thou bright, thou dangerous charmer!
Flattering trait'ress, gilded snare!
Reason yields me now her armour,
I at length thine arts can dare.

33-36 omitted in Selena:

What can sooth this bitter sorrow?
What the soft assuaging balm?
In the sad impending morrow
Who shall bid my soul be calm?

42: Taste at last [Verses] = task at length [Selena]

Written for the Hamwood Album 1804

5: let [Verses] = may [CPJ]

23. her [Verses] = its [CPJ]

24. her [Verses] = it [CPJ]

The Minstrel

11: birth [Verses] = state [Selena]

16: wilt [Verses] = will [Selena]

23: might [Verses] = could [Selena]

Imitation from Colardeau

4: woe [Verses] = awe [CPJ]

9: Truth's [Verses] = faith's [CPJ]

14: chains [Verses] = claims [CPJ]

29: charms [Verses] = joys [CPJ]

31: drest [Verses] = chest [CPJ]

39: has [Verses] = had [CPJ]

Verses Written in Sickness Dec.r 1804

11: unallow'd [Verses] = disallowed [PWOP]

44: tenderly [Verses] = thankful and [PWOP]

IV ["When glowing Phoebus quits the weeping earth"]

11: dreary [Verses] = shadowy [PWOP]

VI ["Poor, fond deluded heart! wilt thou again"

11: allure [Verses] = seduce [PWOP]

VIII ["As one who late hath lost a friend ador'd"]

9: on [Verses] = in [PWOP]

IX Written in the Church yard at Malvern

2: sombre [Verses] = ancient [PWOP]

10: this silent [Verses] = thy [PWOP]

XVIII Written at the Eagle's Nest Killarney July 26. 1800

1: meridian [Verses] = meridian [PWOP]

XXI To Cowper and his Mary Augt 1803

10: thy God [Verses] = Heav'n [CPJ]

14: releas'd [Verses] = reliev'd [CPJ]

XXIII Written for Angela 1802

2: 'tis [Verses] = him [Selena]

5: days, and nights [Verses] = nights, and days* [Selena]

8: which [Verses] = that [Selena]

11: can [Verses] = may [Selena]

Volume 2

Imitation from Jeremiah Chap XXXI. Ver 15. Nov:r 1800.

9: all [Verses] = she [Mary]

13: smiling [Verses] = gladden [Mary]

Psalm CXXX. Imitated. Jan.y 1805

13-16 omitted in Mary:

Despair might then with impious voice
Mock the vain tears of penitence,
And curse existence, not his choice,
Sad boon of free Omnipotence!

The Kiss Imitated from Voiture

10: Celia [Verses] = Chloe [CPJ]

16: Mad [Verses] = And [CPJ]

Song ["How hard with anguish unreveal'd"]

9: reproach [Verses] = reproof [Mary]

Written for Emily

5: wouldst [Verses] = dost [Selena]

8: thy [Verses] = thine [Selena]

15: hopes [Verses] = heart [Selena]

21: impelled [Verses] = when borne [Selena]

25: bid [Verses] = bad [Selena]

41: Ah why [Verses] = Why then [Selena]

45: thy [Verses] = thine [Selena]

48: the [Verses] = her [Selena]

Address to the West Wind Written at Park Gate Sept:r 1805

19: thou [Verses] = thee [CPJ]

23: feel [Verses] = seems [CPJ]


14: her [Verses] = thy [PWOP]

19-20 missing in PWOP:

Let them not listen to her fatal song,
Nor trust her pictures, nor believe her tongue,

51-52 missing in PWOP:

But gaze astonish'd on the enchanting shore
On forms magnificent ne'er seen before

53: Where [Verses] = See [PWOP]

61-62 missing in PWOP:

While pale disease sheds thick unwholesome dews,
And wide their venom tainted gales diffuse

66: length [Verses] = last [PWOP]

67-68 missing in PWOP:

Of poisoned prospects which at distance charm'd
Bright to the eye, with desolation arm'd --

To Tranquility

45: bring [Verses] = brought [Mary]

49-60 omitted in Mary:

In the dark silence of the grave
Where all things are forgot,
There shall I find the rest I crave,
At length releas'd from thought?
There I at least may cease to feel
The bitterness of life,
The wounds that hope no more can heal,
Her agony of strife.
Oh! welcome then thou dreaded vault!
Thou chilly, cypress gloom!
I hail the shrine which long I sought,
Its only porch, the tomb.

Bryan Byrne founded on truth

16: curls [Verses] = locks [PWOP]

25-28 missing in PWOP:

For he had caught the glance of fire,
And seen the mother's sadden'd smile,
And mingled feelings strong inspire
The wish on each to dwell a while.

32: soldiers, men like you [Verses] = men of blood like you [PWOP]

37-40 missing in PWOP:

"And who are these?" the youth exclaim'd,
With pity touch'd, with wonder fill'd,
Er'e yet his cooler reason blam'd
The early hatred deep instill'd.

41: But pointing to the [Verses] = "And who are these,-- this [PWOP]

42: While . . . they [Verses] = Who . . . are [PWOP]

43: He mark'd [Verses] = Behold

48: inquiring [Verses] = enquiring [PWOP]

49: But [Verses] = And [PWOP]

109: And [Verses] = But [PWOP]

160: encreasing tumult grew [Verses] = increasing tumults grow [PWOP]

194: Which [Verses] = That [PWOP]

225-28 missing in PWOP:

"Dear Ellen!" faintly he exclaim'd,
"I could not save our Bryan's life"
"Thy brother's love will not be blam'd"
"Unequal, cruel was the strife."

245-48 missing in PWOP:

Behind that birch-tree see him stand,"
"Waving its light boughs gracefully:"
"While, threat'ning with his baby hand,"
He chides me that I talk with thee."

250: life's [Verses] = lives [PWOP]

Written in an Horace given on my birth-day by H. Vaughan. 1804

2: thus [Verses] = those [CPJ]

12: the [Verses] = thee [CPJ]

16: mandate [Verses] = summons [CPJ]

17: gentle swell [Verses] = gentler spell [CPJ]

23: And bid [Verses] = But bad [CPJ]

The Myrtle Written at West Aston. 1808

21: For [Verses] = In [PWOP]

34: plant [Verses] = tree [PWOP]

53: that [Verses] = though [PWOP]

Sonnet to W. Parnell written at Avondale 1808

1: wish'd [Verses] = wish [PWOP]

6: which [Verses] = that [PWOP]

Sonnet In reply to Wilmot. 1807

3: strain [Verses] = chord [CPJ]

4: which [Verses] = my [CPJ]

12: let . . . thy [Verses] = go . . . her [CPJ]

13. smiling [Verses] = bid her [CPJ]

14 In hers the lovely sister form [Verses] = In thine, the "sister form" [CPJ]