Written for the Hamwood Album 1804

Written for the
Hamwood Album
1804 [1] 

Though genius and fancy hereafter may trace
The bright pages, commanded by thee,
Yet early the friend of thy youth has a place
And friendship reserv'd it for me.
And here, let thine eye with complacence awhile,5
In tenderness love to repose,
And partially give to the name that pleas'd smile
Which thy judgment on others bestows.
Ev'n thus, in thy breast, such a place would I claim,
Though others a worthier gain,10
Where, fix'd in thy love, tho' thy judgment may blame,
I securely thro' life might remain.
And though fonder, and closer the ties of delight
That affection may wind round thy heart,
Ev'n there let thy friend still ask as her right15
Some dear yet unoccupied part
Though taught in thy garden with lustre to live
The more brilliant exotic shall glow;
Yet the primrose which Spring shall spontaneously give
Still suffer perennial to blow.20
And round the tall shrub whose fragrance divine
Thou hast purchas'd and shielded with care,
The wild woodbine her arms shall with confidence twine
Though Nature had planted her there.


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Written for the Hamwood Album 1804" does not appear in Psyche, with Other Poems or Mary; Tighe inscribes an autograph copy in her cousin Caroline's Hamwood Album (NLW MS 22984C) in April 1803 (the source text for Collected Poems and Journals). BACK