SONNET to W. Parnell written at Avondale 1808.

to W. Parnell written at Avondale 1808. [1] 

We wish'd for thee, dear friend! for Summer eve
Upon thy loveliest landscape, never cast
Looks of more lingering sweetness than the last.
The slanting sun, reluctant to bereave
Thy woods of beauty, fondly seem'd to leave 5
Smiles of the softest light, which slowly past
In bright succession o'er each charm, thou hast
Thyself so oft admir'd; and we might grieve
Thine eye of taste should ever wander hence
O'er scenes less lovely than thine own; but here10
Thou wilt return, & feel thy home more dear
More dear the Muse's gentler influence,
When on the busy world, with wisdom's smile,
And heart uninjur'd thou hast gaz'd awhile.


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Sonnet to W. Parnell written at Avondale 1808" is printed in Psyche, with Other Poems under the title "To W. P. Esq. Avondale," and was written in June 1808 during Tighe's last visit to the seat of family friend William Parnell. BACK