VERSES Written for Angela 1804

Written for Angela
1804 [1] 

Oh! once my own, and still most dear,
Beyond the power of words to tell!
Heed not my tears, but speak sincere,
Say then, is this our last farewell.
And shall we meet indeed no more?5
And must I teach this broken heart
To know that every hope is o'er,
With this last pang that bids us part?
Oh if resolv'd to give me up
Let me not die a lingering death!10
But blast at once each withering hope
With one severe, but friendly breath.
Yet - if 'tis so; ah! let me hear
At least one pitying kind Adieu,
And let me see one grateful tear15
The memory of our loves bedew -
And Oh! with soothing flattery say
"My once belov'd!, tho' lov'd no more,"
"Dear to my heart shall ever stay"
"The image of what charm'd before!"20
"Sweet was our spring of love, tho' past"
"And thou wert ever fondly true"
"The soft remembrance long shall last"
"And pity oft the sigh renew."
But if in spite of all the fears,25
Beneath whose cruel weight I droop,
Thy tender hand shall dry my tears,
And thy soft lip still whisper hope -
Oh then my sinking spirit cheer,
And say 'twill yet indeed be sweet,30
To press me in those arms most dear
When we again in love may meet.
And thro' my solitary day,
Beloved inmate of my breast!
Still to my sadd'ning fancy say35
Whate'er may lull its griefs to rest;
Say I have fear'd, have wept in vain,
Thou art not weary of thy friend,
And thou, ev'n thou wouldst see with pain
Our loves, our joys for ever end! -- 40


[1] EDITOR'S NOTE: "Verses Written for Angela 1804" does not appear in Selena (or Psyche, with Other Poems or Mary or Collected Poems and Journals) but is clearly attributed to the character Angela Harley. BACK